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The Bristol Orthopaedic
& Sports Injury Clinic
St Mary's Hospital
Upper Byron Place
Bristol BS8 1JU

Tel: 0117 970 6655

Total Knee Arthroplasty - TKR - Indications / Contra-indications

Anatomy / Ailment Detail

kneeThe knee comprises the joint between the femur and the tibia but also the joint between the patella and the front of the femur. Either or all of these parts of the knee may be affected by arthritis to various degrees. The procedure of joint replacement includes removing the affected joint surfaces and replacing them with metal components with a high-density polyethylene-bearing surface between the metal components. The metal components are usually (but not always in special circumstances) cemented to the bone. If the patella is arthritic and a patient complains of pain in the front of the knee or pain whilst walking on hills and stairs uni-compartmental knee replacement is not usually appropriate and a total knee replacement may be more suitable. Using newly developed techniques joint replacement may be undertaken using minimal access surgery utilising much smaller incisions than previously utilised. This assists with rapid recovery and return of function.

Who Needs it / Who Doesn't

The symptomatic arthritic patients with pain deformity or a restricted function are those, which should consider knee replacement. The symptoms include knee pain, restricted function and walking ability and increasing stiffness or deformity of the knee. Sometimes pain from an arthritic knee may be felt in the thigh or hip area. Alternately in some patients the pain may only be moderate and knee stiffness, deformity, instability may be the principal complaint. Function may be limited in that walking may be restricted or activities such as golf or bowling may be difficult. These problems may also promote patients to consider knee replacement.

How to arrange an appointment with Mr. Johnson

Your first appointment is usually arranged with Mr Johnson at the Bristol Nuffield Hospital at St Mary's. It is a modern well-equipped hospital with 36 private bedrooms and two operating theatres, and offers a full range of services.

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